Marathon Training Week Eight

It was race week. I had the Worthing half marathon on the Sunday which made this week a little bit of an easier one. 41 miles done and a huge PB in Worthing made week 8 epic. This is all part of the prep and hitting the halfway point though my training with a new shinny PB gives me so much confidence. Here is how week 8 went.


A rare Monday rest day after the weekends long run was welcomed with open arms. The legs needed it. I did some upper body strength work and a little bit or core work.


Interval Tuesdays as always. 12 x 45 seconds fast with 1-minute recovery walks. 1 mile warm up and cool down done also. A session I was looking forward to and I surprisingly wasn’t concerned by it. A little naive on my part as it was harder than I though it would be. I worked hard and kept my reps consistent, but It was difficult. 5 miles done in total.


Long run Wednesday features again. 10 miles at easy pace and this was good. It felt easy, relaxed and enjoyable. I just took it for what it was and ran, its important sometimes to just get it done and not think to much. This week I was on a late shift which I find easier to get long runs done before work. After work I feel tired and fatigued and my mind tells me I can’t do it. Another midweek long run done, and I am feeling good about Sunday’s race. I also did some core work.


Marathon pace training which didn’t go entirely to plan. I went to quick once again. 1 mile easy then 3 miles at marathon pace (6:40) and a 1 mile easy. I try to not look at my watch and really concentrate on how I feel. I feel good so I push, but I keep pushing to much and going to fast. This is something I need to work on, and I think I got plenty of time to do so.


Normally rest day but as I had a rest day on Monday I wanted to get out. The weather was horrible out and I kept putting my run off. I ended up getting out and took it easy and just enjoyed being out.


No parkrun as it was race day the next day, but I went out for a nice easy 2 miles to shake out my legs and keep them ticking over.


Worthing half marathon. I will write a race report this week and get that out. In short, I cut almost a minute of my time, I finished in 1:22:30. It was a good course, nice and flat. Some wind at points in the race, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been in recent days. Happy to have got a PB which makes me so enthusiastic to get into the new week and start week 9 of training.

41 miles done for the week. A good week overall and yet again another week closer to the main event. Time is flying past quicker than ever but as I’ve mentioned several times in my post, I’m feeling confident. I’m excited to see what happens in the next few weeks in my training.

Thanks for reading.

Happy running!

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